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In the first part of our comparison, we looked at the design, build, screen and Internet browsing capabilities of both smartphones. Let’s take a look at some other aspects.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, with its updated 1.5GHz dual-core processor, is a speed machine. It doesn’t have a quad-core processor, but I don’t feel one is needed. The 2GB RAM also keeps things speedy. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is perhaps the best performing smartphone I have ever tested.

The iPhone 4S is a great performer as well. However, I feel limited when a bunch of programs are running. Often times, the screen won’t switch to landscape or portrait mode due to the RAM being almost full. But the iPhone 4S was definitely the best performing smartphone until Samsung unleashed the Galaxy S3.

This category is almost a coin toss. The iPhone 4S certainly is the best for playing music-the volume levels are perfect and music is easily integrated with iTunes. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has programs to sync with iTunes, but they are slow and not always reliable. I also sol republic headphones find the maximum volume levels in the default music player to be slightly low.

As a video player, the Galaxy S3 blows Apple out of the water. There is even a screen where all the thumbnails of your videos are playing at once. The Super AMOLED screen brings life to even dull videos with its perfect color saturation. The iPhone 4S has an excellent video player as well, but it isn’t very desirable to watch videos on a 3.5-inch screen.

Both devices offer an 8MP camera that takes 1080p videos. The iPhone wins slightly in both picture (more crisp) and video (less compression and better sound) quality. The sound on the videos taken with the Galaxy S3 is rather average.

If you are a fan of Bose headsets, you are out of luck with the Galaxy S3. The controls work only for switching between songs. You cannot use your Bose headset to take calls and if you want to turn the volume up, have the volume rocker on the Galaxy S3 close to you. My Bose over-the-ear headset works perfectly with the iPhone 4S.

This can only be determined by testing out both phones on Sprint. Both produced great call quality and those on the other end said I sounded great. So, we have to go to the speakerphone to determine the winner, and this is where the iPhone excels above the Galaxy S3. You can hear people through the loudspeaker very clearly on the iPhone 4S, but there is some trouble hearing people clearly on the more quiet Galaxy S3.

Testing both phones on Sprint, I had a problem with the Samsung Galaxy S3 when I had to enter numbers (such as a credit card number) after making an initial call. Once my finger hit the screen, the dial pad would disappear. Perhaps a software update will fix this problem that doesn’t always occur, but this never happens on the iPhone 4S.

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